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Celebrating four decades on the lesson tee and following the guidance of his mentor, golf legend Ken Venturi, Steve Anderson, the PGA’s extraordinary left- handed Master Professional, has dedicated his career to helping golfers at all levels find immediate, simple and fun solutions to better golf. Steve Anderson’s Mirror Image Golf Swing training technique and no nonsense tips have improved golfers’ scores immediately. “I think when golfers walk off my lesson tee and on to the first tee they should expect better scores,” Steve says. “About 90% of my students are right handed which is why, as a lefty, I developed the Mirror Image technique,” Steve explains. He guarantees you’ll see improvement in your game right away. And you’ll enjoy doing it!

“My mentor, Ken Venturi taught me that my job is to help you enjoy and improve your game,” Steve says. He does not depend on complex moves or instructions that can get confusing. His tips are simple, direct and fun. And lefties are not “left out.” Left-handed golfers from all over the world and of all ages come to Steve because he understands their unique challenges.

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Experienced golfers. New golfers. Pro golfers. Future golfers. Steve’s lessons will show you the true fundamentals that can give you that solid, powerful and consistent swing you’ve always been looking for. His short game sessions, filled with that "Venturi Magic", will lead to the lowest scores of your life!


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